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Hello and greetings from the team at UCR. We are Auckland’s premiere cash for cars-company, offering car buying and removal services all throughout Auckland, NZ.

About Us

When it comes to vehicle removal, car buying, and car recycling, you won’t find a more professional team. We have built up a solid reputation along with several years of experience, and we are dedicated to delivering a superior level of auto removal service to the people of Auckland. If you need to get rid of a junk car, and you live in Auckland, now you can have it removed for free, while getting paid at the same time! And the prices we pay for vehicles cannot be topped. If your vehicle is in good enough condition, we will pay up to $7’000 for it!

Fast Car Removal Professionals in Auckland

Here at UCR, we strive to help Auckland car owners to be able to sell their car using the fastest means possible. It is also with pride that we provide folk with a means to be able to sell junk automobiles as well. Our removal team are experienced and highly skilled at what they do. We have the very best removal equipment, and we know how to use it!

Here are the different professionals we have in our team:

  • Highly trained Removal Professionals: We are dedicated to providing people with junk cars the means of selling them. On top of that, it is of the upmost importance that the process is as easy and convenient as possible. One thing we do not do under any circumstances is charge our customers for the removal of their vehicles.
  • Experienced Car Valuation Experts: Our team of valuation professionals have a deep well of knowledge that comes with many years of experience. This helps to make accurate and generous price quote offers upon inspection.
  • Friendly and Expert Customer Service: We have an online service that our customers can access any time of the day. Our representatives are passionate about treating customers with friendliness and care, replying to calls, emails and enquiries as quickly as possible.

Removing Vehicles of All Shapes and Sizes

Owning a vehicle is incredibly handy, and the level of independence and freedom that is afforded car owners can’t be beaten. However, when that automobile turns from a reliable transportation device into a junk pile, things aren’t so grand. You are seemingly past the point of being able to sell it. Who is going to buy it?

This is not an accurate way of looking at things. Because someone will buy it, and that someone is us! We will buy your car, whether it is a junk or brand new. We will buy it if it is a truck, SUV, van, Ute or 4×4. And your car won’t be rejected regardless of what model it is.

We Guarantee Top Cash for Your Car

The core of our business is the satisfaction of our customers. Everything we do is aimed at making our clients happy. What better reason to offer top cash for cars? Do you need to sell your automobile today? Drop us a line!

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