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You have finally come to the realisation that your car needs to be scrapped, once and for all. Of course, this decision has been motivated mostly by the fact that the vehicle in question is no longer functional. It has permanently broken down. So, what better thing to do than sell it. However, many people reach the wrong conclusion that this is going to be nearly impossible, so they put it off. But if you live in the Manukau suburb of South Auckland, this is not true. Cash for Cars Manukau crew will buy it off you in one day! Manukau Auto Wreckers at Ultra Car Removal, we are dedicated to making the customer satisfied. We want you to get the most cash possible out of selling us your scrap car. Call 0800 323 489 or get a free quote by filling a form on our website.

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Free Car Removal All over Manukau

As has been mentioned above, we want the best for our customers. That means getting the most money from us. However, if we were to make you pay somehow for the cost of removal, this would not be a possibility. Instead, you would end up with less money. If we provide free scrap car removal, you end up with more money. So, it is obviously the best course to choose the latter option. That is why the removal of your car is provided by us, is completely free!

Why Choose Ultra Car Removal?

We have so many attributes. One of them is the sheer amount of experience we have between us. Over twenty years. Over that time we have built a sizeable network of auto wrecking yards that cover the whole of New Zealand. That ensures that you are going to get nothing but the best service from us. If you live in South Auckland, there is one in your area. The same for people who live in rest of Auckland suburbs.

How to Get a Free Quote from us!

The first step on the short and easy road toward getting a free quote from us is to contact us. Now, there are two options you have to choose from when it comes to contacting us. You can either locate your phone, pick it up, dial 0800 323 489, and tell us what your car’s make, model, age and condition is. Or, you can choose to go to our website, locate the quote request form on our main page, and tell us the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle.

Either way, you will get a free quote in a matter of less than an hour. Then you will have the freedom to either accept our offer or reject it. There are no obligations attached to it!

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Get Top Cash for Car in Manukau Region

We pay a maximum of $7’000 for cars depending on the details of that vehicle. We buy all makes and models, and will also buy trucks, vans, Utes, 4wd’s and SUV’s. So, if you have an old vehicle that no longer runs, why not sell it to cash for cars Manukau team today? You will get sweet cash for it, and free up some space on your property.


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